Realistic visualization for DualSPHysics

Made in Blender

VisualSPHysics is an add-on for Blender that allows DualSPHysics users to render realistic visualizations of their fluid simulations. Only basic knowledge of Blender is needed in order to start to work with VisualSPHysics but advanced users can obtain amazing results!

Seamless experience

VisualSPHysics doesn't need any script editing. It is integrated on Blender user interface so objects from DualSPHysics simulations behave like normal Blender objects. The user can use regular Blender books and tutorials to enhace their animations!



Distributed as a Blender add-on. Simple to install.


Use all the Blender tools for your DualSPHysics simulations.


Easy customizable with Python.

Need help? Check out the wiki.

VisualSPHysics Wiki